About My Books


Primarily, I write historical romance and time travel paranormal romance with a hint of mystery. I love creating stories that feature courageous heroines and compassionate heroes who turn the adversities of life into advantages while they discover a powerful and invincible love for each other.

When I’m not penning romantic tales of feisty heroines and strong heroes, I write epic fantasy about ordinary people facing extraordinary situations which gives me free rein to play “What if?” as I build the early medieval-like world of my stories.

My current time travel series takes place in the 1880s in upper Lower Michigan, the area where I grew up.  Life in the 1880s has many similarities to our modern life.  But it’s the differences that make for interesting plot twists and misunderstandings in my stories.

Why am I so fascinated by the 1880s?  This decade was the height of the Victorian Age and was part of the Gilded Age, which lasted from 1874-1907.  Many of the things we appreciate today had their roots in that time frame.

  • The Second Industrial Revolution, when most Western countries were experiencing a large economic boom, was taking place.
  • The expansion of the railroad system linked the continent coast to coast.
  • Modern cities with skyscrapers came to exist.
  • The first automobile, the Benz Patent Motorwagen, was built.
  • Modern amenities like electric lights, film cameras, electric trolley cars, and low-wheeled bicycles were developed.
  • Magazines such as the National Geographic, Popular Science, Cosmopolitan, McCall’s, Ladies Home Journal, and Good Housekeeping started publication in the 1880s.

And the intriguing people who lived in that decade — Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Wyatt Earp, Sitting Bull, Lily Langtry, George Eastman, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie, Mark Twain, Allen Pinkerton, just to name a few of the personalities who are still famous today — had lasting impacts on that era that extend into our modern day.

Time Travel Romance

The Key Series: paranormal time travel romance set in Michigan in the 1880s

  • The Key to My Heart

A forensic accountant must apply her twenty-first century knowledge to exonerate the nineteenth century man she loves when he is falsely accused of murder.

  • The Key to My Soul

Two broken souls are brought together by the love of a little girl.

  • The Key to My Love

An archaeologist finds the past has become her present when she lands in 1884.

Fantasy Series

  • An Orphan’s Way (Book One), A Fool’s Gift (Book Two)

Born under a rare celestial alignment, Aislinn is deemed to be the Chosen One, yet the Synergy that rages within her has two faces.  Can she direct her powers for the good of the Sisterhood or will she fall prey to the darkness?